Sermons within the Presbyterian tradition are considered to be the Word of God proclaimed. One person might be sitting in church and hear one thing while


the person sitting right next to you might get something totally different.

God's Holy Spirit uses the words of the sermon to speak individually to people.

So be open to what he Lord is telling you as you read these sermons. He might just surprise you.

Please note that all of these sermons are in a .pdf format. Many of them will carry the bulletin that was used in the worship service.


Space For God                                  February 5, 2014         Rev. Cathy Arble

The Mind of Christ Part Two             January 19, 2014          Dr. Darrell Holmes

The Mind of Christ Part One              January 12, 2014          Dr. Darrell Holmes
Promises You Can Keep                    December 29, 2013      Dr. Darrell Holmes

STOP, No More Gift for a gift, gift     December 15, 2013      Dr. Darrell Holmes

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