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The story of Reedurban Presbyterian Church actually begins back in the spring of 1923 when a Sunday Church School was organized under the direction of Corena Daugherty. Under the guidance of Miss Daugherty a congregation started to grow. They met regularly in the old Reedurban Public School each Sunday afternoon for the next year with Rev. Arch M. Neale, pastor of the Bedford Presbyterian Church, conducting services.

The six-month period from late 1924 to early 1925 was a significant era in the birth of Reedurban. In October 1924 the schoolhouse was purchased and following extensive repairs was dedicated debt-free through a grant from the United Presbyterian Board of Church Erection on May 17, 1925. This one-time schoolhouse, one-time Baptist Church, one-time residence at 140 Perry Drive, S.W., was to serve as the first home for the congregation that began with Daugherty’s Sunday Church School class. Thirty-seven charter members held their first service under the auspices of the Mansfield Presbytery. With that dedication service, The Reedurban Community Presbyterian Church was officially born.

This first home of the congregation was sold to the Mt. Olivet Assembly of God in mid 1965 and we moved to the present location in November 1965. This final move culminated countless hours of conscientious effort on the part of the congregation. The church was renamed The Reedurban Presbyterian Church in 1986.

It is a good thing to reflect on where our church has been and where it will be going. Remember that a church is called together by God to witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our continued appreciation of our Lord’s blessings and our daily application of his teachings will be what will make this church stronger in the coming years.


1923                     Corena Daugherty formed a Sunday Church School at the Reedurban Public School. Rev. Arch M. Neale, pastor of the Bedford Presbyterian Church conducted services.

Oct. 1924             The school was purchased and made ready for use as our first church building.

March 6, 1925    Thirty-seven charter members held the first service under the auspices of the Mansfield Presbytery.

May 1, 1925        Rev. Joseph A. Mears became our first minister

May 17, 1925      The Reedurban United Presbyterian Church was dedicated.

1926                     Rev. Thomas S. Cochard became our second minister.

July 26, 1929      Rev. Glen M. Saunder became our third minister. (Rev. Saunder was the only minister ordained in our church.)

June 8, 1930      First Session consisting of three Elders was elected.

1935                     Extensive remodeling of the church building was started under the direction of Frank H. Mayes.

Jan. 1938            Rev. J.E. McCall became our fourth minister. Membership had grown to 109.

Aug. 1, 1955       Rev. Glen R. Hueholt became our fifth minister.

Sept. 11, 1955    Rededication Service was held following remodeling. Membership had grown to 340.

1962                     Rev. Sherwood Roach became our sixth minister. Cambell Miller and then Bill Yoder were first missionaries given support by our church.

Nov. 1965           The congregation moved to the present church. A $35,000 land investment and a $190,000 building investment were required in addition to hours of personal effort on the part of the congregation.

Feb. 27, 1966     Dedication services were held for the new church building.

May 1, 1976        Rev. Wilson F. Wood became our seventh minister.

Nov. 21, 1976     Church celebrated 50 years of Christian Service to our Lord.

May 19, 1985      Mortgage Burning Ceremony. New Baldwin 640 Organ Dedication

Nov. 15, 1988     Rev. R. Allan Looft became interim pastor.

Jan. 1990            Rev. Gary W. Miller became our 8th minister.

May 17, 1992      67th Anniversary of our church’s dedication.

Jan. 2003            Rev. Lynn Shetzer became interim pastor.

May 17, 2005      80th Anniversary of church’s dedication.

Oct. 2005             Rev. Dr. Darrell Holmes became our 9th pastor.

May 16, 2010      85th Anniversary of Church’s dedication.