Glorify God

Worship is a central part of the life of the members of Reedurban Presbyterian Church. Reedurban gathers each Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. to participate in a blended worship which is designed so everyone has a chance to be a part of the worship experience.

Helping us glorify God each Sunday morning is a great musical staff including Margaret Whitacre who plays our new organ and is an accomplished organist in her own right. Directing the church choir is Chuck Blackstone who is one of the best church choir directors in Canton.

Reedurban through worhsip also Glorifies God through special worship experiences such as Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter, Pentectost, Advent and Christmas Eve Candlelight. The flowering cross on the mast head of this page is created by members of the church as they enter on Easter Morning to praise the Lord for His gift of new life.

The¬†Presbyterian Church has the tradition of “Laying on of Hands” in worship. Here a new Deacon is ordained and installed with the power of God bestowed through the hands of those who have been ordained previously.

The Presbyterian denomination requires that Elders and Deacons be nominated and elected by the congregation. These faithful have accepted their new offices.