Meeting Human Needs

The members of Reedurban Presbyterian Church understand that each one of us is called to meet the needs of those around them. Jesus told all of us, not just ministers and elders or deacons, TO GO into the villages, the cities and then to the whole world. So we are committed in creative ways to move outside the walls of Reedurban into the community.

All of us can make a difference in someone’s life or impact the world around us. When we work together as a community of faith nothing is impossible.

Sometimes, we discover we cannot do everything ourselves which is why Reedurban Presbyterian Church participates in several SPECIAL OFFERINGS such One Great Hour of Sharing, the Peace Offering, the Pentecost Offering as well as supporting the work of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A.

We minister to the people of the Dominican Republic through a member of our congregation who makes an annual trip to the Dominican Republic with a surgical team from Mercy Hospital to provide free surgery for indigent people.

Each Christmas, the people of Reedurban deliver to the impoverished children of Canton with Betty’s Shoebox full of essential items and toys. The Angel Mission brings children of the community along with parents and grandparents to purchase and fill many of these boxes.

But this is just the beginning. Please take time to explore both the Men’s Community Dinner as well as Parish Health in the pull down menu which are at the heart of our Outward Bound Ministry.